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Filling Out Prescriptions

Message to Our Patients about the CoronaVirus/COVID‐19

For the safety of our patients, the staff, and the community, if you have a fever, cough, or sore throat, please do-not come to the Heritage Clinic until you speak to us by phone.


If you feel ill and believe that you need to see a provider, please call us at 212.862.0054 (dial 1 for English or 2 for Spanish, then, dial 2 for the nurse).


We have made a number of service changes, including:

  1.  We are no longer offering the Covid‐19 test. The New York City Department of Health has issued a directive: Out‐patient clinics (such as Heritage) can no longer offer the Covid‐19 test.

  2. We now have the ability to schedule a “Televisit” with your provider. It would be a scheduled visit, but it would be over the telephone. You can schedule your “Televisit” by calling 212‐862‐0054, then, follow the prompts to schedule an appointment.

  3. We will be screening all scheduled patients over the telephone before they come to the clinic. Patients scheduled for routine appointments will receive a call on the day of, or the day before, their appointment. We are doing this to limit transmission of the Covid‐19 virus. We will ask patients if they have a fever or cough, and would advise them to stay home if they are ill.


Every parent knows that there are a variety of viruses that can infect children, such as Influenza, RSV, Strep throat, etc. If your child is ill with a fever, feel free to bring your child to the clinic, however, we strongly recommend that you telephone before coming to the clinic in order to speak with Dr. Beatriz Sotelo. She will make the decision as to whether your child should be seen, or whether the child is better off staying home. The health of your child is of utmost importance to us.



Patients can telephone their pharmacy for early refills. 90‐day refills are also available but you will need to call Heritage to speak to a nurse to arrange for a new prescription. For existing users of our affiliated pharmacies, please telephone Amsterdam Pharmacy at 212‐234‐7959, or Smart Aid at 212‐234‐4299, to request refills. Home delivery is available for patients.

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