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Heritage Healthcare Center Health Services

        Heritage Healthcare Center has been proudly serving the Central Harlem and Washington Heights areas for over 50 years. We offer convenient, comfortable and comprehensive medical, behavioral health and dental care including pediatrics, ophthalmology, women's health (OB/GYN), HIV/AIDS testing, podiatry and x-rays.

      Our medical, dental, nursing, and support staff are friendly and courteous. Many of our employees live in our community and know it well. Our staff is proficient in several languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Farsi and Yiddish. They provide expert care and can coordinate the health care needs of every patient.

        In order to eliminate long waits, Heritage Healthcare Center will provides routine appointments for physicals, follow-ups, and other various medical, behavioral health and dental services. When an unexpected illness or emergency arises, we accommodate walkins. It is

not our policy to deny medical service for any reason whatsoever, including inability to pay.

        We also have strong ties with many community-based organizations in Harlem, including: senior citizen centers, drug rehabilitation programs, and other agencies. When a referral is needed, Heritage Health Care will identify the appropriate resource for the patient, and facilitate getting them the help they need.


1727 Amsterdam Avenue

4th Floor

New York, NY, 10031

General # : (212) - 862 - 0054

As a recipient of funding from HHS, Heritage Health and Housing Inc. (and its covered individuals) is deemed a federal Public Health Service Employee with respect to medical malpractice or other healthcare related claims.

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