The Harry Simmons Residence consists of 140 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units. This facility houses individuals from the community that were previously homeless. Heritage Housing program manages 100 of the units in the building and supplying direct services to the tenants. The remaining 40 rooms are sub-let to a NYC Housing Partner (ACMH) to manage the tenants in those rooms.

     Heritage Single Room Occupancy Housing offers 100 single rooms (with shared bathrooms and kitchens) for single adults with a history of homelessness. This community resource provides affordable, high-quality, supervised, and safe housing for residents not wanting, or not able to afford, regular apartment living. Access to the premises is closely monitored with security on site. The housing program also offers a number of supportive services to its residents, from on-going assessment and case management, individual and group counseling, peer support and referrals to collateral services.


      Although this housing can be transitional in nature, there are no specific length-of-stay restrictions. Please reach out to the Heritage Program Director for additional assistance at (212) 491-1748.


1727 Amsterdam Avenue

4th Floor

New York, NY, 10031

General # : (212) - 862 - 0054

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