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TELEHEALTH Visit Quick Tips

Talking to your primary or specialty health care provider from your home using a video platform called Healow is easy, safe* and can save you time.

Here’s what you need for your visit:

• A stable internet connection. Connect to Wi-Fi at home or through a
secure Wi-Fi connection. Do not use public Wi-Fi (i.e., Starbucks).

• Your mobile device with camera for a video consultation and

• If you use a desktop computer or laptop (Windows or Mac), you’ll need a built-in camera and microphone/speakers. You can also use a web
camera plugin and headphones.

• If using your mobile device for a video consultation you’ll need to download the free Healow app to your smartphone or tablet. For information on how to download Healow to your mobile device, 


Internet Connection


Mobile Device or Desktop / Laptop (with camera and mic) 

Healow app installed




What to do on the day of your visit:

• Choose a quiet and comfortable place in your home.

• Three to five minutes before your scheduled appointment, log into your MyChart account from your mobile device or computer.

• Tap “Messages” if you’re on a mobile device, or “Messaging” from your computer.

• In your “Inbox” you’ll see a message from your provider for your telehealth visit. Click the message to open.

• Click the Healow link to open your telehealth visit where you’ll be taken to a “virtual waiting room.” You’ve arrived! Now all you need to do is relax and wait for your provider to join you. (In Healow they’re referred to as the “host.”)

• When your provider joins you in your telehealth visit, you’ll be “admitted” to the visit, and prompted to join by computer audio.

• You may also be prompted to allow access to your microphone and camera. NOTE: If you don’t allow the video component, you can still join your provider by clicking “Join Audio” in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.


Find a Quiet Place at Home

Get Link

Receive a Healow Link on MyChart

Your Visit

Talk with your Provider on Video

Pro tips: A day or two before your telehealth visit, make sure you’ve got everything you need and the technology is working correctly.

Visit healow to test your audio/visual. Treat your telehealth visit as if it were an in-person appointment: Ask questions, describe your health concerns or issues, and listen closely. Consider having a notepad nearby so you can take notes.

*Heritage Healthcare Center has a dedicated, secure portal for patient visits through Healow. Enhanced security measures include encryption, meeting IDs and visit “verification” to ensure your Telehealth visit is private and secure. Providers are assigned unique passwords and waiting rooms. This ensures only you and your provider will be admitted to your visit. Heritage Healthcare Center’s Information Security team regularly monitors Healow for any security concerns that might arise.

Please Click the Links below to view our Guides for logging in for Mobile and PC

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