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Heritage Healthcare Center For Family Medicine

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Dr. Kerah Williams M.D.

     Dr. Kerah Williams is a Family Practitioner at Heritage HealthCare Center in Central Harlem.   Dr. Williams obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University and Medical degree from Ross University.  Dr. Williams completed her residency training at Harlem hospital, SUNY Downstate University and Kings County Hospitals. 


     Dr. Williams’s medical research at both Columbia Presbyterian and Harlem Hospital culminated in a publication on Bladder Cancer in the Journal of American Medical Association. Additionally, Dr. Williams conducted HIV research at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.  Prior to her medical career, Dr. Williams worked as mental health counselor, high school teacher and real estate title closer.  Currently, Dr. Williams’s professional goal lies in providing HealthCare for the community in Central Harlem.

Dr. Vanessa Fernandez M.D.

     Dr. Vanessa Fernandez joined Heritage HealthCare Center as a bilingual board certified Family Medicine Physician in November of 2019.  Dr. Fernandez completed her residency at Hoboken University Medical Center.  She is passionate about preventive care and quality relationships with patients.   Dr. Fernandez believes in helping her patients create effective lifestyle strategies that will eliminate or reduce certain risk factors.  Dr. Fernandez favorite hobbies include hiking, biking and eating all types of cuisines.

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